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This is based on a life changing experience I had 4 years back. Except names everything is true, including the thought process. I was working for a telecommunication company and was required to travel a lot in India, due to some requirements I was to stay in Mumbai for more than few weeks. The work schedule was such that I was mostly leaving around 7AM and coming back no sooner than 1 AM to wake up again at 5AM. It was taking significant toll on the nerves. My immediate reporting authority asked me 'whats going on with you ? I know the pressure is immense but that doesn't mean you have to bury yourself behind the machines'. 'I am doing fine, weekends are around and I might take a trip out', I said. 'Why you need a trip out? Mumbai has lots to offer why not try some party, dance and booze?' Umm nice idea but I don't have friends here , and I don't just talk to strangers' 'Ok, I know someone , will ask her to give you company', he winked. I missed to call him on Friday evening, was too busy with work even forgot its weekend already. Next day I remembered what he had mentioned but as a protocol no-one called on weekends unless hell broke somewhere, so I forgot the idea and decided to sleep the day off. I was staying at the company guest house, at my request that particular place had been allotted to me exclusively, so that I don't have anyone bothering me. The kitchen staff had keys and so did other domestic helps. 'Food ,cleaning all taken care of I have nothing to do' I thought. I did put the cooling on 18


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